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Night Sweats

"Green is absolute perfection personified"


Fourth Wall Media, 2018


"It’s new and different and worth seeing."

Fringefeed, 2018

Performance Details

Night Sweats is presented by The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights and Static Drive Co.

6pm, 2 - 10 February 2018

The Blue Room Theatre, Northbridge

Haydon Wilson

Timothy Green

Samantha Nerida

Nathalie Pavlovic

Steve Berrick

Sally Davies

Creative Team



Concept & ​​Performers

Dramaturg & Producer



Stage Manager

It’s a pyramid scheme, it’s a bit of beef between your teeth, it’s the crushing weight of being alive.


Counting sheep can’t help you now. Endure an evening with an insomniac, and see what’s keeping them up for yet another sleepless night.


A rumination on mortality, privilege and perception, Night Sweats cast a frenetic internal monologue onto the stage; exposed and uncompromised in all its bizarre glory. A darkly humorous piece of storytelling, song and visual magic, one man’s ode to the witching hour.

Night Sweats brought together emerging and established creatives to create an intimate spectacle, speaking to this age of short attention spans and uncertainty.

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