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See You Next Tuesday

"This is hands down one of the best shows I have ever seen at The Blue Room."


Victoria Wyatt, ArtsHub, 2019


"This cheeky, nostalgic show is lightning-quick, witty and packs a real punch"

Tattum Stafford, Theatre Travels, 2019

Performance Details

SYNT presented by The Blue Room Theatre & Static Drive Co.

7pm, 18 June - 06 July 2019

The Blue Room Theatre, Northbridge

Click here to view the photo series Unsupervised and Out Past Curfew


Best Independent Production, Static Drive Co.

Best New Work, Sam Nerida

Performing Arts WA Awards 2020

Best Campaign, Static Drive Co.

Best Writing, Sam Nerida

Blue Room Theatre Awards 2019

Alexa Taylor

Sam Nerida

Caitlin McFeat

Tess Metcalfe

Ramiah Alcantara

Rhiannon Petersen

Jasmine Lifford

Kayla MacGillivray

Bush Willoww

Timothy Green

Creative Team



Writer & ​​Producer



Lighting Designer & Operator


Photographer & Visual Collaborator

Marketing Coordinator

Unsupervised and out past curfew.


Seventeen year old Evie loves algebra, hates it when people skip foreplay, and never sleeps with the same guy twice.


A comedy born from all the things that Dolly Doctor never taught you, SYNT is hot off the press and bursting with attitude. Sex, drugs and fractions; it’s girl-talk on a whole new level.

The messy failures (and even messier successes) of puberty are laid bare in this roller coaster. We’re talking hormones, smartphones, and really big feelings. The latest from Static Drive Co (Tissue, Night Sweats), this blend of nostalgia and NSFW tells us what it really thinks, and more.

Romp through the messy mind of a teenage girl and have some cheeky, consensual fun, but don’t tell mum what you’re up to…

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