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Whoops & Daisy

Two mad scientists for the lil' ones


Whoops & Daisy is being developed as part of The Blue Room Theatre Winter Nights 2020, and is supported by Barking Gecko Theatre.


July - November 2020

Creative Team


Co Creators



Sam Nerida

Haydon Wilson

Pavan Hari

Sensorium Theatre

An all ages work about belonging, set in a science laboratory bursting to life with colourful experiments and a search for an Epic Serum. Kooky scientists Whoops and Daisy (Sam Nerida & Haydon Wilson) attempt to create a serum that makes everyone who drinks it ‘Epic’. The work will prioritise universal access for neurotypical and neurodiverse children alike.

This project has been supported by Barking Gecko Theatre as an All Ages Theatre Development as part of Winter Nights 2020. The project will be supported across two stages of development, and will allow the team to explore the possibilities in creating work for children and families.

This project is undertaking a development and will not present anything publicly as part of Winter Nights.

Want to know more?

Sam and Haydon are making a fortnightly audio diary to track their progress as they begin working on Whoops & Daisy. Have a listen to hear their thoughts and reflections as they move through this development.

Click here for a written version of the audiodiary.

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