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What do you mean by CALD and First Nations?


Lots of people have summed things up better than we can, so please see some select quotes below.



“Australia’s population includes many people who were born overseas, have a parent born overseas or speak a variety of languages. Together, these groups of people are known as culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) populations. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) defines the CALD population mainly by country of birth, language spoken at home, English proficiency, or other characteristics (including year of arrival in Australia), parents’ country of birth and religious affiliation.” (Australian Institute of Health, 2018)


“We acknowledge that ‘Cultural and Linguistic Diversity’ (CALD) is an umbrella term for people from enormously divergent backgrounds, for whom geopolitical components (e.g. type of migration, socio-economic factors, religious or cultural practices and linguistic capacities) are all major determinants on their participation in arts organisations and leadership” (Diversity Arts Australia, 2020



Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people do not like to be referred to as ‘Indigenous’ because it is considered too generic and can be applied to all indigenous peoples of the world. There is a growing preference for First Nations Australians as a more encompassing term, because while it also is generic, it acknowledges the diversity of Australia’s First Peoples. (AIATSIS, 2021)

When and where are the workshops held?

Each stream will have 8 sessions, running for roughly 3 hours each, once a week for 8 weeks. In addition to these 8 sessions there will be 3 one-off masterclasses, group outings to watch shows, and other one-off events. Each stream has a different venue and schedule of workshops. You can find more detailed info on the pages for Performance, Playwriting and Making.


Do I need experience to apply? 

It depends! Each workshop stream has slightly different eligibility requirements and intentions. You can find more detailed info on the pages for Performance, Playwriting and Making.

Do I have to pay to participate?

Absolutely not. In fact, each participant will receive a $550 stipend to acknowledge the time spent attending the workshops. You do not have to acquit or account for your use of this money. 

Additionally, participants in Playwrights To The Front will have access to additional funds to support them if they choose to write in a language other than English. These funds could go towards dictionaries, playtexts in the language, time with language experts or community members, or anything deemed useful. 

I might need assistance with childcare, travel costs, or something else, is that a problem?

Not at all! Successful applicants will have access to childcare, travel funds, and other potential support needs. These are additional to the stipend, and will be allocated on a case-by-case basis once we’ve spoken about your individual situation. 


Can I apply for more than one program?

You can, but priority for places will go to participants who are not already participating in another steam. If you intend to apply for more than one stream, we would advise getting in touch to make your preference known, so that we can take it into consideration when programming. 

What if I can’t attend some of the workshops?

We’re looking for participants who will be able to make the most of the experience, so we ask that you’re available for 80% of the workshop dates listed. If you’re concerned about your availability, please get in touch with To The Front’s Producer, Sam Nerida. Their details are at the bottom of this page. 


I don’t want to do the showcase, can I still do the workshops?

Absolutely. Participation in the week-long showcase is by nomination only, and you won’t have to make that decision until much further down the track. We’d love for as many people to participate as possible, but it’s not compulsory. 


I have access needs and can’t complete the online application?

We want to hear from anyone who is keen to apply, and we’re here to work with your access needs to ensure that you have the opportunity to submit an application. We are happy to receive audio, video and written applications. If you have access needs that sit outside of these options, please contact To The Front’s Producer, Sam Nerida and we’ll find a way to help you submit your application. Their details are at the bottom of this page. 


I have a question that hasn’t been answered here?

If you want to chat about your application, or ask any questions we haven’t covered, please get in touch with To The Front’s Producer, Sam Nerida. Their details are at the bottom of this page.

Click here for some contact details.

To The Front is made possible through support of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, The Blue Room Theatre, Perth Theatre Trust, Roots TV, and Community Arts Network WA. 

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Static Drive Co acknowledges that we live and work on the unceded boodja of the Whadjuck people of the Noongar nation.


We pay our respects to their Elders both past and present, as well as their future leaders.

Always was, always will be.


Sam Nerida (Producer)


0466 944 830

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